Executive Board

APT’s policy-making body is its Executive Board. The principal officers are President, two Vice Presidents,  Secretary, and Treasurer. All members are elected to two-year terms by Membership. There are 9 additional members who make up the Executive Board which includes area directors from elementary, middle, and high schools including representation from Child Development Programs and Support Services. Executive Board generally meets the second Monday of the month from August through May to conduct business pertaining to the Association as prescribed by law, the Articles of Incorporation, and the Bylaws.


Dorothy Kim-Perez
Chester Tadeja
Manuela Echeverria
Lisa Garnett
Wanda Hernandez
Tyra Weis
Ana MacFarlane
Diana Bermudez
Ramona Valenzuela
Gloria Moreno
Maria Bell
Danielle Rasshan
 Karen Shatola

Rep Council

The Representative Council meets as close as possible to the first Monday of the month from August through May to discuss policy-making decisions as it pertains to the Association and the schools each Rep Council member represents. Each school site or special faculty unit shall be represented on the Representative Council. Each school site or faculty unit with up to 15 unit members are allowed 1 voting reps plus an alternate.