Adult and Career Education

This committee responds to concerns and issues raised by Adult Education educators.

Child Development

This committee responds to concerns and issues raised by Child Development educators.

Community Action


This committee is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of all programs for community involvement with Pomona public schools (PCHAT Medical Clinics, Read Across America).


Chair: Marie Garcia
Board Liaison Needed

This committee responds to issues involving counselors.

Dual Language Immersion

Chair: Monica Merrill
Board Liaisons: Wanda Hernandez

This committee responds to issues and concerned raised by Dual Language Immersion educators.


Chair: Ken Lambright

This committee assists the Elections Chair with the responsibility of conducting Association elections. Members of the committee also assist with Service Center and State Council elections.

Equity & Human Rights

Co-chairs: Karen Shatola and Diana Bermudez

The purpose of this committee is to provide leadership in equity and human rights through the promotion of good human relations. This committee acts as a resource regarding cultural diversity and equity issues.

Instructional Professional Development

Co-chair Secondary: Rafael Duran
Co-chair Elementary: Tyra Weis

This committee responds to issues raised by instructional practice in professional development.


The primary purpose of this committee is to make comparative studies and recommendations concerning insurance plans for certificated district employees.


Chair: Lisa Pulliam
Board Liaison: Wanda Hernandez

This committee responds to concerns and issues raised by Kindergarten educators.

Language Acquisition

This committee’s role is to respond to issues concerning English Language Learners and/or their teachers.

Membership Engagement

Chair: Erin Jackson

This committee is involved with all issues related to getting members engaged with their union and profession.


Co-chairs: Erin Jackson and VACANT

This committee raises awareness to members about issues important to our association and creates a response to those critical issues by taking action.

Political Action

Chair: Celia Gomez-Schroeder

This committee studies legislative proposals which relate to education and makes reports to the membership. It also studies political issues, interviews candidates, and takes an active role in elections for the benefit of public education.

PR&R (Grievance)

Chair: Brian MacFarlane

The purpose and objectives of this committee are: to educate the membership about professional rights, responsibilities and ethics; to protect and strengthen professional standards by interpreting and implementing the Code of Ethics; to provide consultation services to members who have problems related to their work, professional rights, responsibilities, and ethics; to recommend, when necessary, that the Board of Directors requests assistance from the state and/or national education organizations in solving school controversies or conflicts; to evaluate and recommend changes in the Personnel Code of the Pomona Unified School District; to foster the development of cooperative relationships among the classroom teacher, the administration, and the Board of Education.


Chair: Paula Rafael

This committee addresses retirements issues faced by members, both active and retired and educates members about legislation affecting CalSTRS and CalPERS.


Co-chairs: Victor Garcia and Liz Lasso

This committee assumes responsibility for all social activities of APT including the Retirement Tea/WHO Awards Reception honoring retiring members and those who have made outstanding contributions to the Association and the profession.

Special Education

Co-chairs: Karen Shatola and Yolanda Gardner-Horn
Board Liaison: Brian MacFarlane

This committee addresses the issues faced by both regular and special educators in dealing with the special needs population.


Chair: Ali Hangan

This committee speaks on issues directed related to the use of technology in teaching and learning.