APT Contract

Agreement Between the Board of Education of the Pomona Unified School and APT

APT has bargained rights for you that can only be enforced if you know your contract. Bargaining matters, and the hard-fought rights must be respected at your work site. Whether it’s the hours of your contracted day, your supervision duties, prep time, daily student contacts, sick leave and personal necessity leave, or meetings and notices of meetings, the agreement binds both sides to follow established protocols, policies, and procedures. Nothing is left to guess work.

Your Current Contract (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2019)

As members, we hope no one encounters a situation where your contractual rights are infringed upon. However, it is reassuring to know you are supported by your contract, your fellow members, and APT leadership. Please review the forms on this page for help. As always, please call APT office at 909-623-6761 for more assistance.