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COVID-19 APT Update #3

Dear APT Members,
We pray that all our members are staying healthy and keeping safe during this unprecedented time. We know many of you are anxious as to what Distance Learning (DL)may look like and what happens until the end of the school year. There is an Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education DL Plan Guidelines that APT will have posted on the APT website (Pomonateachers.com).
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Will we have to work extra days to make up for the days that the district was closed?
Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-26-20 addresses the instructional year and teachers will not be required to make up the instructional days.
2. Will I still get my STRS credit for a full year?
Teachers who work their full year shall receive credit for the creditable year of service.
3. Do I need to take attendance while doing Distance Learning from home?
Attendance is not required but there is an expectation all teachers make reasonable efforts to contact their “no-show” students during the implementation of the online distance learning program. Teachers should document their attempts. During the course of the online program if you learn that a student(s) are having issues with connectivity or laptops please communicate with your principal.
4. Do I have to follow the schedule that was suggested by the district?
The District is providing recommended schedules for elementary education, secondary and special education. You can work within the provided guidelines. There is some flexibility as we know that some of you may also have to work with your own kids at home or deal with other family needs.
5. What happens if I can’t log on when staff meetings are happening online?
You will be responsible for obtaining the information by either watching a recorded video or speaking with your administrator or colleagues.
6. Am I required to give my class codes for google classroom or other online platforms to office staff or my principal?
Our MOU has suspended the evaluation period but your immediate supervisor may request to join your meetings. Remember to follow the acceptable use policy and practice good online etiquette.
7. Do I have to use Zoom and record lessons and have live meetings?
The District has provided the online platforms as a tool. It is up to the professional as to how they utilize the tool. If you choose to use this tool, please note that Zoom has added features to ensure that your class is protected. They have added a “Waiting Room” function in which you control who comes into your classroom and include only the intended students and participants.
8. Are the payroll and benefits department open?
Yes, but they are on a modified schedule. Please email one of the following
1. Benefits: Maria Vargas at maria.vargas@pusd.org or Jamie Gee: Jamie.gee@pusd.org
2. Payroll: Maria Vargas same as above; Laura Castillo at laura.castillo@Pusd.org or Jamie Gee.
Helpful Resources for COVID-19 and Distance Learning:
• Covid19.ca.gov
• CTA Teaching, Learning and Life During COVID-19 (Closed Facebook page)
• CDC.gov

Please do NOT email directly back to APT communications emails. Please email the APT President directly using my personal email: deedee.kay95@gmail.com
Please do NOT call the APT office, text my personal cell phone (951-285-9955) with questions, I respond within 24 hours (If I don’t, please text/email again as I am getting hundreds of messages daily and I am doing my best to respond quickly). Please try NOT to call me directly, the preferred method is text or email.
Please do NOT have members email me if they want to be added to the APT Communications. Have them email Eyla Gonzalez, our APT Office Manager, and she will add/change the members email. Please state first name, middle initial, and last name in the email with a PERSONAL email address (no work emails from any institution) at: Office@pomonateachers.com Please check your SPAM folder first and some members had clicked unsubscribed to our communications. You will need to subscribe if you wish to continue. Our OM cannot add you until you subscribe again.
Please “like” and join the APT Facebook page (Associated Pomona Teachers). We are trying to post PUSD and APT communications on the FB page.

COVID-19 APT Update #2

Dear APT Members,
As most of you know, the school closures have been extended with a return date of Tuesday, May 5, 2020. APT Leadership continues to work closely with PUSD leadership.
There have been many questions regarding pay and distance learning and what that entails so I would like to share the following information:
  • Members will still be paid while working from home.
  • April 1st paychecks and pay stubs will be mailed on April 1st to support the Governor’s “Safer at Home” initiative. Members with direct deposit will receive the deposit as usual.
  • The scheduled retro check that was to be handed out on April 7, 2020 will be mailed on that date. There is no direct deposit option for this check.
  • During the week of March 23rd through March 27th the district will host online trainings available to staff to better understand Distance Learning (teaching students while not in the same physical space) and to prepare to conduct online instruction, meetings, conferencing, and/or chats with students and colleagues. The training will focus on district-approved online platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc) necessary to help support our students. Distance learning with students will begin on April 6.
  • The Distance Learning trainings are mandatory for staff who are not yet proficient in district-approved digital platforms, but encouraged for all.
  • If teachers are proficient with the district-approved digital platforms, the trainings are not mandatory, and teachers may instead begin planning and contacting students to inform them about the official April 6 start date. Educational Services will be sending out the training menu Sunday, March 22, 2020. Be sure to check your PUSD email.
  • There will be a mandatory video training on what a typical Distance Learning day/week may look like. This will be made available sometime this coming week.
  • Teacher Specialists and Literacy Coaches are working on recommendations for elementary and secondary distance learning models (platforms such as Google Classroom, Edgenuity, Achieve 3000, and Zoom Conference)
  • All teachers will focus on deepening and reinforcing skills and concepts taught prior to the shutdown, rather than focusing on introducing new curriculum and/or standards.
  • These online learning opportunities will in no way negatively affect a student’s grade. They can only improve students’ current grades.
  • Please make sure to check your PUSD email Monday-Friday at least twice a day (suggested times 8am and 3pm) as things may be changing. Also check the PUSD website under staff resources for memos/notifications pertaining to staff only.
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding as this is a fluid situation and there are many parties working together to ensure messages are being sent out promptly.
  • The District is working with specific departments to define the distance learning roles/support for Speech Pathologist, School Psychologist, School Nurses and Counselors.

COVID-19 APT Update #1B

Dear APT Members,
Another Correction: Please do not take home teaching materials only if needed for grading purposes.

COVID-19 APT Update #1A

Dear APT Members,
Correction: Schools will be open tomorrow and Friday from 10-2.

COVID-19 APT Update #1

Dear APT Members,
As you may be hearing, things are rapidly changing in regards to State and Federal executive orders. Please check the PUSD website daily and your work email daily for any updates.
1. We are still getting paid and some of us may be asked to work virtually. We will NOT be getting paid time and a half like some CSEA members. The CSEA members who are getting paid time and a half are hourly employees.
2. The PUSD update sent today will have hours open for tomorrow ONLY(check which grade level) to go to your work site and retrieve personal belongings and materials (papers, grade books, teaching materials) as this closure MAY POSSIBLY go until the end of the school year (WE DON’T KNOW THIS YET). The sites will be closing at 2PM. You will have to go through Human Resources if you did not see this email in time to retrieve your personal belonging/materials. Once all employees have retrieved their things, custodians are doing a deep clean for each site, so it is VERY IMPORTANT to NOT go back.
3. We may be asked to input grades for progress reports and possible online resources. If you have apps such as Remind, Class Dojo, or other apps you may continue to use them to provide some normalcy for our students (DO NOT USE THE WORDS ENRICHMENT, they are ONLINE RESOURCES)
4. We DO NOT know as of yet, what online platform we MAY be using to provide online resources.

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