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March 2013!
Lay off Informational Meeting Wednesday, April 3 at 3:30 pm
in the Strategic Planning Room at 800 S. Garey, District Office.

Click here for PKS Resolution Passed by PUSD Board March 5, 2013 (Notice of positions to be eliminated) Also included are the names of the temporary contract teachers that will be released.

A Layoff Survival Guide (Click Here for PDF)

March 12, 2013

Dear APT Members:

Above is a link to a copy of the 2011 Layoff Survival Guide prepared by CTA’s Legal Department.  This is the most current version and the law around layoff has not been changed or updated since its release.  This document has valuable information detailing how to respond to preliminary notices of layoff as well as other information you may find helpful. 

Additionally you will find a link to the resolution passed on March 5 at the PUSD Board meeting authorizing the reduction or discontinuance of 108.4 full time positions for the 2012-2013 school year.  This resolution authorizes the PUSD to send out layoff notices, which we believe will be sent today and you should receive no later than the end of this week (March 15, 2013).  A copy of the seniority list is available on the District website as well as here in the APT office for review, please see your office manager at your site for instructions on accessing the list.  The number 108.6 includes many assumptions about the budget and many of the jobs proposed to be eliminated hinge on the Federal sequester cuts, the SIG school grants ending this year, as well as other cuts PUSD believes it must make.

The following are some things you can do to prepare for the layoff process, should you receive a layoff letter:

1. Check your personnel file.  Copy any documents from the file that you will need to prove your first day of paid service with the district as a probationary employee.  Your first in-service day may count, even if it was not mandatory, if you were paid for the day.  Collect these documents NOW in the event you need them during RIF (Reduction In Force) hearings.

2. If you are an agency fee payer, join CTA NOW so that you will be represented by CTA in any RIF hearings that occur.  CTA provides representation to all members in RIF hearings, but does not provide representation to agency fee payers (non-members) in RIF hearings.  Once you receive the preliminary layoff notice you will not be allowed to join APT and seek legal help, you must already be a member at the time you receive the notice.

3. Upon receipt of the layoff notice if you would like to request a hearing you must submit a request for hearing to the personnel as soon as possible, the deadline indicated on the layoff notice is March 29, 2013.Make SURE to get a date/time stamped copy before you leave.  The request for hearing form letter is available as part of the “Layoff Survival Guide”packet you can download above.  Do not wait, file the request for hearing IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the layoff letter.

4. Make sure you attend the informational RIF/Layoff informational meeting later this month.  We will have dates posted for this meeting by the end of this week. We STRONGLY suggest that you attend the meeting to get more information on how you will be represented by CTA Group Legal Services Attorneys during the RIF hearings if you so request.  If you do not attend the meeting and/or complete the necessary legal paperwork, you will not be represented by our attorney.

The links and texts below are historical records from past years layoff nightmare here in the Pomona Unified School District.  Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.  WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!! 

Letter from PUSD Attorney Cancelling Hearings/RIFs (PDF) 08-09 year

UNBELIEVABLE!!!  (From last year 08-09)

As you have heard, the District is withdrawing all of the RIF notices.  A copy of the District’s formal notification to the Office of Administrative Hearings is attached.  

This means that the hearing scheduled to start on Monday will not go forward.   It also means that you should be offered employment next year.  

You will very likely continue working in your current assignment.  If you do not receive an appropriate assignment you should contact APT as soon as possible.

Some probationary teachers were also given notices of non-reelection in addition to the preliminary notice and accusation that triggered these RIF proceedings.  Withdrawal of the RIF notices does not necessarily withdraw those notices of non-reelection.  If you received a notice of non-reelection and have any questions about whether you have recall rights next year, then please contact APT.

Finally, APT is continuing its lawsuit on behalf of certificated employees who were wrongly classified as temporary.  If you think you have been  misclassified then you should, if you have not done so already, inform APT of the specifics of your situation so that we may forward that information to the attorneys which are representing APT in that litigation.

We are glad that these RIF proceedings have finally ended and your rights have been respected.  If other issues — summer school assignments, contracts for 2009-2010, assignments for 2009-2010 — come up in the next few months, then please let APT know about these so that it can take action to address your concerns.  

APT Lawsuit against PUSD for Misclassification of Temporary Employees (PDF) Takes few minutes to open file

Speech to PUSD Board April 21, 2009 CLICK HERE

Speech to the PUSD Board on March 24, 2009 CLICK HERE

Speech to the PUSD Board February 24, 2009 CLICK HERE

Fox Coverage of APT Rally protesting Layoffs 2/24/09

KCAL 9 and CBS 2 Story on Pomona Rally 2/24/09

See the News Story on Fox 11 Television February 10

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Getting Ready For RIFs (lay-offs)

Instructions for APT Members who receive RIFs

Request for Hearing Form

Notice of Defense PDF (File once receive Accusation)

More information will be posted here as it becomes available to us.  We are here to support you in any way we can!   Please call the APT office with any questions you have. (909) 623-6761