Dorothy-Kim_Port1Welcome Back APT Members!

Thank you so much for electing me as your president! I am humbled and honored to represent the Associated Pomona Teachers for the next 2 years. I hope to, along with the other APT leaders, bring positive and transformative changes to APT. We will work to educate our members on their rights, how to advocate, and the infrastructure of our union. Transparency and clearer communication will be essential priorities.

Collaboration between colleagues, between site reps and principals, and between the unions and districts and school boards, has been proven to increase student achievement. The Associated Pomona Teachers has been working hard to build a climate of collaborative relationships for the benefit of its members, the students, and the community.  A goal of APT during my presidency will be to continue to build and strengthen these vital relationships as the culture of education has been changing, so has the nature of our profession. Our students and their needs have been changing; this is only one reason our profession continues to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. We manage rooms full of students and make split second decisions. We multi-task constantly, performing duties from stopping bleeding noses and fights, to making sure our students have had enough to eat. We give our hearts to students with social-emotional needs and other types of trauma, and we advise parents and guardians on every aspect of their children. We are not only classroom teachers, but practitioners serving in countless positions and roles, in every building in our district, all with the same focus: the education and wellbeing of Pomona’s students.

These are only some of the reasons why APT will not only focus on contractual issues, but professional issues as well. Our union is not just here to ensure our contract is being upheld; we are here to ensure that members are respected and treated as professionals. We are here to ensure the professionals delivering services to our students are the ones who are making the decisions which will affect our students.  As the educators on the frontlines, in direct contact with students, we are the ones with the knowledge, experience, and insight to drive our profession forward

Ultimately, being a union member is not only about representation. It is about having a voice in the decisions made for our profession and our students. It is about knowing that we have one another’s backs, working together for something great. Now more than ever, this type of unity is what’s needed so that we are truly living our creed: Stronger Together.   


Dorothy Kim
APT President 2017-2019