11 January 2017

Good evening, President Rothman, Board members, Superintendent Martinez, Cabinet members, CSEA and APT sisters and brothers and all those present this evening.

On behalf of APT, I’d like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Given all the rain that we have received in California since the New Year, perhaps, that is a sign that 2017 will be a good year for California, Pomona and our community.

Later this month, APT is sending a team to a Learning Lab, entitled: Collaboration – a Path to Whole Child & Whole School Success. The team consists of a school board member, director from Educational Services, the teachers leading the Community School effort at Garey and Fremont and myself. The learning lab topics include initiatives that APT and PUSD are already working on together: Frameworks and models for collaboration; School climate; Social-emotional learning; Community school strategies; Teacher leadership in the classroom and school site; LCAP implementation; and Labor management relations.

In terms of our collaboration efforts, we are continuing to make positive strides. Together, PUSD and APT have identified a second cohort of collaboration schools. They include: Harrison, Roosevelt, Madison, Palomares, Park West and possibly Barfield. We are supporting principals and site reps by providing a series of trainings sponsored by the California Labor-Management Initiative and the Consortium for Educational Change. Just this week, we did listening visits to Madison and Roosevelt. We shared our finding of these visits with both our site reps as well as the principals. Madison and Roosevelt, just as our other Phase 1 and Phase 2 Collaboration Schools, have shown a high interest in doing this work for the sake of improving teaching and learning for our students.

Another area of progress is the collaboration around professional growth for our practitioners. I especially want to thank APT 2nd Vice President Erin Jackson, Assistant Superintendent Darren Knowles with the support of Deputy Superintendent Stephanie Baker for the progress that we are making in setting up a new system of professional learning and growth for all stages of a teacher’s career, from induction through end of career. This includes a new induction program, a new system of evaluation and peer assistance and review. Three years ago, these ideas were shared with the Board as conceptual, vision in nature. I am pleased to report that now we are acting on that vision and developing the system. We look forward to sharing our work with the PUSD/APT Interest-based Bargaining Team and ultimately providing a detailed plan for the Board’s consideration.

As you know, PUSD has been awarded a substantial School Improvement Grant. We appreciate how closely Cabinet members have worked with APT leadership to create a grant proposal that we can all support. We now have a Memorandum of Understanding between APT and PUSD that is in a final draft for your consideration.

While there is still a great deal of work to do collaboratively, especially at the school sites, clearly on many levels, collaboration is working well between APT and PUSD. We will continue to strive to improve systems, so that our teachers and all our practitioner’s voices are heard, at the PLC level, the Site Leadership Team level and at the joint APT/PUSD District Learning Team level. As both PUSD and APT leadership have invested in a significant amount of adult learning together, it has made a positive difference in Pomona. We are committed to continue to learn together and partner in ways that improves our profession.

We know that tonight you are considering the tentative agreement between PUSD and APT. The IBB team went through painstaking efforts to find ways to attract and retain our teachers and other practitioners that are in hard to fill positions. We believe that the tentative agreement will have a positive impact in attracting and retaining educators. This is what our students deserve. We urge you to vote YES, approving the tentative agreement before you this evening.

On behalf of all of our members, I want to thank the administrators that participated as members of the IBB team, Superintendent Martinez and the Board members for your continued support for the members of our association.

Once again, Happy New Year and good evening.